6 Warning Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

1. Lethargy

If you feel constantly tired and often reach for sugar to cure the fatigue then you are probably on a blood sugar rollercoaster.  Even though high-sugar foods boost energy, it is the crash which comes later that makes you feel tired. 

2. Craving for carbs and sugar

If you crave for sugary snacks every day so much so that you might even call yourself a sugar addict, then it's advisable to avoid processed foods and white sugar completely. You can replace it with natural sugar though.

3. Weak immunity

Excess intake of sugar can damage your white blood cells which are responsible for our immunity. If you are falling sick often then you might need to check your sugar intake.

4. Anxiety

Sugar can mess with your hormones and lead to mood swings and anxiety related issues. Sugar has the capacity to put one on a rollercoaster of emotions and you cannot escape it until you promise yourself to give up the sweet stuff. 

5. Growth of acne

Sugar can just ruin your skin, causing acne and other imbalances. Your skin and hair are the indicators of what’s going inside your body.

6. Sudden weight gain

Do you know fat doesn’t make you fat but sugar does! If you’ve been trying to lose weight by eating a low fat diet, but are still including sugars and other carbohydrates, it’s not helping your cause.

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