9 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Yellow Nails

If you often wear acrylic nails or paint your nails and are having this problem.Other possible causes are smoking, which can stain nails and give them a yellowish hue, and yellow nail syndrome.

Dry, Cracked, or Brittle Nails

"Soft, brittle nails can occur from dryness on the nail plate," said Dr. Jaliman. "This could be from swimming, overuse of nail polish remover, frequent dishwashing without gloves, or just from living in a low-humidity environment."


when the ends of your fingers swell and the nail becomes curved and rounded—can sometimes be a sign of liver or kidney disease," said Dr. Anthony.

White Spots

Many people believe that white spots on nails indicate a calcium deficiency, but this isn't typically the case: "They're often the result of minor trauma, such as if you whack your finger against something, and aren't generally to do with calcium," explained Dr. Anthony.

Horizontal or Vertical Ridges

"This is typically the result of direct trauma to the nail or a more serious illness, in which case you'll see it on more than one nail at a time."

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