21 Foods to Toss Out of Your Kitchen For Good!

We assembled a panel of experts and got a sneak peek into the eating habits of those who live and breathe nutrition daily, and learned about which foods should never be in your kitchen if you want to lose weightThrow these foods that aren't doing any favors for your body into the trash and start trying out these .

1. Rice Cakes

2. Massive Mugs of Coffee

3. Cream-Based Soups

4. Baked Goods

5. Soy Milk

6. Nutrition Bars

7. Egg Beaters

8. High-Cal Fruit Smoothies

9. Fruit Juice

10. Soda—Even Diet

11. Granola

12. Deli Meats

13. Low-Fat Packaged Baked Goods

14. Ketchup

15. Cold Cereal

16. Flavored Coffee Creamer

17. Nutella

18. Canned Vegetables

19. Non-Organic Chicken

20. Nutrient- Stripped Breads

21. Candy

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