The Abandoned Kohl's Cycle Sales (Lockport, NY): A Motorcycle Graveyard

Originally started by a man who was a motorcycle dealer and enthusiast, Kohl's Cycle Sales would buy bikes from other dealers who went out of business or take trade ins. Motorbikes were cheaper and for a time the business flourished, to such an extent that in the 1970's Kohl purchased this building to warehouse them. In the late 1990's Kohl sold the business to another man, who became ensnared in a tax battle with the city over the building. The property was in poor repair and they were asking for much more money than the business generated, so he stopped paying and the building was seized and condemned. After suing the city for ownership of the contents, the new owner gained access to the building in October of 2010, selling a tiny percentage of the bikes but scrapping the rest.

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