George's Affair Is No Longer Young Sheldon's Biggest Tragedy—Express News

There's no question that is heating up in the back half of Season 6. Multiple storylines are , and the comedy genre has been all but left in the dust. Instead, a heaping helping of family drama has been at the series' forefront. That's evidenced by fans' continued worries about .

Every episode seems to have a new development in the build-up to the extra-marital affair. And that's a shame because 's portrayal of George has been much more fatherly than's description. However, George is suddenly not the most tragic part of the series. "A Baby Shower and a Testosterone-Rich Banter" showed how Georgie and Mandy's situation is way more heartbreaking.

On Young Sheldon, Mandy Pushed Georgie Away From the Beginning

started a relationship with Mandy, and it wasn't long before she was pregnant. Among other problems, they weren't married, which caused the church to turn its back on the Coopers. Even with that, George, Mary and Meemaw embraced Mandy and brought her into the family. Meanwhile, Georgie started proving himself as a father. He might have been young, but he was there every step of the way. Despite Georgie's efforts, Mandy wouldn't commit to a relationship and even pushed Georgie into dating someone else.

In "A Baby Shower and a Testosterone-Rich Banter," Meemaw and Mary threw a baby shower for Mandy. They included Mandy's mother, but she completely took over. Not to mention, she wasn't at all fond of Georgie. She refused to admit that it takes two to tango, and blamed him for everything. That riled up Mary, but it really made Mandy mad. She even told her mother that Georgie would be a much better parent than her before storming out of the room.

Why Georgie and Mandy's Relationship Won't Get Any Better

It was during this episode that Mandy realized that she had wronged Georgie. All he wanted to do was be there for her, but she had only pushed him away. Despite Mandy's rejection, Georgie bought her a gift for the baby shower: a locket with a sonogram of their baby. That showed that the two of them could be a great couple, but nothing is working out. Georgie wanted to be with Mandy at first, but she pushed him away. Mandy now realizes that she wants to be with Georgie, but she's already encouraged him to date someone else.

If that wasn't sad enough, doesn't offer any hope for their future. When Georgie appeared in Seasons 11 & 12, there was no Mandy in the picture. Georgie was a tire tycoon, but he was also cocky, spiteful and alone (if not a playboy). So, Georgie and Mandy may briefly get together when the baby arrives, but it won't last according to . All that just makes their not-relationship even more tragic as fans watch Season 6 unfold.

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